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Battlefield Partnerships
The trench system built for Haileybury. 
Company Orders - School Activity Day


Group greeted at the beginning of the day, A briefing and introduction.


Volunteers and conscripts selected for Platoon Experience


Practical training for the Platoon Experience volunteers/conscripts


Short themed sessions on chosen aspects or handling sessions on personal kit  and trench routines

Up the line

Meet the Platoon Experience after their training

Meal Time/Refreshment

It's bound to be corned beef or tea isn't it?

Stand to

Prepare to go out into no mans land, the other side of the wire

Over the Top

Volunteers and conscripts will advance

Meet the neighbours

into the German trenches; they are just like us aren't they?

Fall Out and go down the line

Re cross the line

Reflections and remembrance

What have we learned ?  

1st July 1916
Battlefield Partnerships Ltd
Registered in England And Wales Company No. 07144629

Trenches for Teachers is a joint initiative by military historian Andy Robertshaw and military researcher and publisher/bookseller Ryan Gearing.

Using their expertise they work with clients to provide a truly bespoke Great War educational experience to include the design and build of trench systems, classroom or event driven talks, lectures or hands-on history sessions.

Sale or hire of replica/original items for classroom use or dressing a trench system can also be provided. Clients include schools, colleges and public sector bodies who require a safe and secure trench system to aid in the interpretation and education surrounding many First World War topics.

Our systems are built above ground using revetments which enables easy installation requiring no ground surveys, research for hidden pipes or cables, digging and its associated wall collapse or flooding. This provides an all-year-round accessible solution whilst still giving the visitor an immersive and memorable experience.

Trenches for Teachers Website Education
Andy and Ryan with the Master, Joe Davies
and the Armed Forces Minister, the Rt hon Mark 
Francois MP at the opening  of the Trench system.

With a unique hands-on approach, combining archaeological and experimental techniques with unparalleled archival research and crowd-sourcing the Battlefield Partnerships Team reveal what it was really like to be on the frontline of history.

Led by BfP Director, Andy Robertshaw who began his career as a teacher, Andy’s great passion is communicating the reality of war to all age groups. His dynamic teaching style encourages you to get your hands dirty and dig into history, whether in a replica First World War trench or on an archaeological site on the Western Front. His years of onscreen experience, including ‘Time Team’ and ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, as well as children’s TV, ensure he can hold the attention of any group. He understands how to reach out and bring history to life and, from Head of Education at the National Army Museum to his current role, has led the way for innovative military history teaching. Most recently he advised on CBBC’s online history resources.

Today, Andy consults for a wide range of educational programmes and museums both in the UK and overseas. His services include: